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Are your lighting costs sky high?

Every business is aware that energy prices are at an all-time high. In fact, they are three to four times greater than in 2021. These costs are significantly impacting companies in every industry. It is also important to note that Government support for business energy bills is being wound down at present, which will see many facing considerably greater costs.

With the cost of energy being so high, there has never been a smarter time to modernise your lighting installation.

Therefore, to counteract rising energy costs now is the time to consider switching to high-performance, energy-efficient luminaires and controls. Projects combining Thorlux LED luminaires and the SmartScan wireless management system frequently benefit from energy savings exceeding 70% when compared with conventional technology.

Contact Glux to arrange a lighting consultation and see how much your organisation can save. Visit our dedicated Cost of Energy page to learn more and access resources to help you.



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